The First Bar

The First Bar

How did you come across memory bar necklaces? It must be someone you know who bought it online or you must have seen it on the internet. But it has to be someway that you came across that beautiful piece of jewelry.

And now that you wish to buy it you're navigating through pages on this website, and probably in a few minutes you will have bought it. You will have bought yourself this stunning piece of art that will speak to you when it's in your hand and it'll speak to others about you when it's on your neck. It's best to have the right names, dates and words engraved on the bar so to send across the perfect message.

The first time that we chanced upon the bar necklace was four years ago at a store thousands of miles away. And we couldn't lose sight of it. How little and peculiar that piece was, it really mesmerized us. Although that piece didn't have any inscriptions but remarkable it looked.

That sight of it was etched in our hearts and we really wanted to make something out of it — hence, we tried to produce our own very first bar with the word 'wanderlust' vertically deep engraved on it. That was four years ago. We have sold more than 16,000 pieces since. 

Note: The bar that can be seen in the photo was created four years ago and it's in the unpolished state. The bars that we're selling now are 22 carat e-micron plated, look classier and are completely different.

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